Dear America: Who's Driving the Bus?
ISBN: 978/0-578-07814-4
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Are you curious about the behavior and choices that you, your friends, or family have made? Imagine yourself as a big yellow school bus with each of the seats filled with you and your experiences at different stages of your life.

Can you see the two-year-old who wants what he wants when he wants it?

Can you see the stubborn three-year-old, the sad child, the angry adolescent, the optimistic bride, the happy and hopeful young mom?

Each passenger on "your bus" is an inner entity who continues to be a part of you and each passenger competes to drive the bus. This theory explains why we act the way we do, and by understanding our internal power struggle we can change ourselves and how we interact with others.

Any interpersonal relationship can be improved by understanding what motivates behavior. Introspective individuals interested in understanding behavior will benefit from reading this book. The application of the principles presented can strengthen: